Dairy Farming

Dairy farming is practical business & one of thing to do before strting dairy farm is to do survey for milk production & its marketing.You should do survey of dairy farms which are nearby to your locality & which are runing sucesfuly.
There are folowing points which you may go through before starting dairy farming busines.
1)Quality animals:- Animals which can sustain in perticular climatic conditions & having proper dairy character needed for dairy business.Eg- In Konkan region, there is high rainfall in rainy season and drought situation on summer season.so the kind of animals which are suitable for this region may be Jersey cows,Surti & Mehsana buffaloes.
2)Management- As the production of animal is increases according to high quality animals demand for good quality fodder,concentrate,water,housing and care is needed more .If this is not fulfilled ,then dairy owner can have a loss in terms of less milk production as well as economic losses.So it is necessary for dairy owner to access his strength for providing this kind of facilities for its animals.So for that if dairy owner has good kind of knowledge (By training & practice)and will to do whatever work in his dairy farm,then he can be profitable dairy farmer.As per my knowledge this is 24 hours business & it can not be as supervisor’s job.
3)Facilities:- Whatever facilities required for dairy like availability of farm land,availability of fodder throughout the year,availability of veterinarian,skill for first aid treatment,skill for feed formulation is important for dairy farmer.Dairy owner must provide minimum kind of facilities which are needed for his animals.
4)Market- Before producing milk or other dairy product,it is better to search what are market opprtunities in your area.See if there is no any dairy farm functioning in your srea what are the resions behind it?If there is no any farmer who dare to take this entreprice then it is opportunity to you set up good quality of dairy farm.If market is not there ,try to create your own market by creating demand for your product in the market.
5)Value addition- In business of dairy farming,it is better to not to rely on only one entreprise or product eg- Milk,If you do value addition in milk to prepare Khoa,Shrikhand,basundi etc.,You will get more money,If you do value addition in cowdung by preparing vermicompost you will get more money .
So think on this aspect, Do personal visits for survey the area,try to find out market as well as study market chains developed in that perticular area.Then make decision for dairy farming .
6)To be updated- For dairy owner it is necessary to aware about new practices & changes in dairy farming.So for that he must take training before starting the dairy or any animals related enterprise & after that timely necessary trainings to become updated .New practices,trends & changes in management will be helpfult to reduce the losses & improve production of animals.He must be adaptive & positive in nature & willing to take responcibilities or change as & when needed.
7) Keep records- Some farmers which do not have land but are successfully run dairy business because they keep records for feed,fodder,Milk production,Reproduction,health & management aspects.In which they can get ideas as well as point our problematic points or situatuation to avaiod losses.Today,many dairy farmers are not keeping records as like businessman,so they do know what is the status of the dairy they are running now.
On the above points,you may decide number of animals to be kept for dairy farming which can run sucessfully.Alos visit to nearest dairy farmsrs which are running their farms very well & then share the ideas with them for runing successful dairy farm


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